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Website Development

Website Development

Did you know it takes just 3 seconds for a customer to decide whether to stay or leave your website? In today’s market, you need a sharp look with a clear and simple user navigation to retain your customers’ attention and increase sales. Whether you’re in the market for a new website or need a remodel of your current website, look no further! At BigHouse Marketing, we offer Website Development to meet your company’s needs!

Responsive Website

Not only must your website look good and be user friendly, it must also be responsive. So what exactly is a responsive website? To put it simply, a website is responsive when it provides optimal viewing and usage on a wide array of device sizes (desktop, tablet, phone). A responsive website is just as functional for a user on a large computer monitor as it is on a smart phone. How does this benefit you? Users have a better experience, stay on your site longer, and are more likely to make a transaction!

Partnered with our Digital Advertising services, a strong and responsive website will result in increased business. Our website developers will work with you every step of the way to create the website you envision!

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