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About Us

BigHouse Marketing is a results-driven digital marketing firm focused on increasing targeted website traffic and sales conversions for our advertisers.

We opened our doors in July 2008 and have since built the best digital team in Charlotte to help your business grow online. Our team has a combined 75+ years of advertising experience and over 20 years of digital advertising experience specifically. Our focus is to maximize our clients’ return on investment through proven digital tactics.

Our team believes that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts when it comes to advertising. No one medium can be all things to all advertisers. We can work within your overall marketing strategy to help provide insight into all of your advertising efforts using analytics data. As an example, we can use A/B testing on ad copy to determine which ad message your customer prefers. That ad message can be utilized in other media such as print. We care about our advertisers’ overall success and not just about the success of our digital campaigns.

We hope you choose BigHouse to build your digtial strategy utilizing search advertising, display advertising, remarketing, video advertising, and social media to connect you to your customers and increased revenue!

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